Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I order a dress without having a Bella Bridal Party?


Yes absolutely just visit our online Boutique



How do I pay for my dress(es)


We ask for a non-refundable deposit for any orders made at a Bella Bridal Party. Full payment is required prior to receipt of your dress. All online orders must be paid in full and are non-refundable.


Do you also sell veils and accessories?  


Yes - we are currently expanding our stock if you let us know what you are looking for we can try and source this at an affordable price.


How far will you travel for a Bella Bridal Party?


We are based in Central Scotland and cover all surrounding areas. We are happy to travel further afield however this may incur a small cost to cover travel. This cost will be deducted from any orders made. For more information please contact


Do I have to pay for a Bella Bridal Party?


No - there is no cost to having a Bella Bridal Party however if you live outwith Central Scotland there may be a small cost to cover travel expenses but this will be deducted from the cost of any dress you purchase.  


Do you ship outwith the UK?


Yes - we are happy to ship our dresses outwith the UK please contact us for individual shipping costs


What if my dress needs altered?  


If you order your dress online and it does not fit you will have to arrange for alterations yourself. If you have ordered your dress through a Bella Bridal Party we are happy to arrange alterations for you. The costs of alterations are not included in the cost of your dress and there will be an additional charge (as is normally the case when purchased from a traditional store). At Bella Bridal we understand that planning a wedding can be expensive and we would endeavour to ensure that any alteration costs are kept to a minimum.